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After playing around with Google wave, I found myself asking what next. Below are just a few extensions/gadgets you may want to expore.


(To use robots, add them as a contact, then add the robot-contact to a wave)


  • Eliza – – An implementation of the Eliza chatbot borrowed from the NLTK.
  • Elize – – Is one of the first robots that was created by non Googler and is very useful if you are feeling alone in your Google Wave client.
  • Rude chatbot – – An obnoxious chatbot borrowed from the Natural Language Processing Toolkit.
  • TooAngel WaveIn – A self learning robot, that will respond to a reply in a more humanoid way


  • BotURL – – A URL Linker that replaces full URLs with hyperlinks.
  • Calcbotcalcbot@appspot.comThis bot will do in place calculations for simple mathematical expressions and allow you to use user defined variables.
  • – Replaces the text of every submitted blip with a cartoon balloon that contains the text instead. Colors the balloons based on username.
  • Dice – Dice-rolling bot. Dice Bot will replace XdY (X is the number of dice; Y is the number of sides) with the results of those rolls.
  • Flippy – – Turns text upside-down.
  • Fnordlinkyfnordlinks@appspot.comReplaces “PMID <number>” with article information from PubMed.
  • Hearty Emobot – – Replaces ASCII art with wingding characters.
  • – Evaluates Python expressions. Looks at blips in event, searches for CALC() macros and executes Python code using exec().
  • Insulty – megabytemb123@appspot.comInformation Needed
  • IPA Botipa-bot@appspot.comChanges normal letters into special characters used for phonetics.
  • – Turns whatever you type into “Pirate Speak” .. Arrrr.
  • – Plots sparklines from your data.
  • ShorteeWish – Change “c u l8r” to “see you later” etc.
  • Swedish – Changes english into Swedish-Chef Speak. Bork! Bork!
  • – Syntaxy does blip-by-blip syntax highlighting for a variety of languages including Python, Java, C, C++, html, css and javascript.
  • Watexy – watexy@appspot.comUse LaTeX mathematical language in your Waves!
  • Wikify – wikifier@appspot.comReplaces specific marked up text with a link to Wikipedia or a description relevant to the marked text.


  • – Play Hangman.
  • Roshambo – – Play Roshambo (Rock / Paper / Scissors).
  • Speedy – Wish – Track the words per minute of all participants, competitive typing!


  • – Robot to manage groups.
  • – Robot to manage groups.


  • – Creates a drop and puts the info into the wave whenever the robot is added as a participant.
  • OpenAustrailia In Progress – A robot to allow interaction with the OpenAustralia web site.
  • PlonieBot – In – Brings wave document editing capabilities to the Plone CMS
  • Poppy – In – Helps bridge Google Wave conversations to email users outside the Wave.
  • Rssybotrssybot@appspot.comTurn google wave into an RSS reader!
  • – Lets you star waves, in sort of bookmarking style.
  • Tweety the Twitbot – – You can access your Twitter account.
  • Twiliobot – – Transforms phone numbers into click-to-call links. If user clicks a link, a call is placed to his phone and to the number in the link. The call can be transcribed and inserted into the wave as text with a link to the audio.
  • Wave-EmailIn – Provide an extension to Google Wave which will allow the integration of both sending and receiving emails.
  • Wave Live – Allows you to chat to your windows live messenger contacts from inside a wave.


  • PhilBot – Wish – A suggested solution to the problem of waves with languages you can’t read.
  • Rosy Etta – – Translator (40 Languages).


  • Polly the Pollster – Poll Bot.

Search / Aggregation

  • Dr Maps – – Updates a wave by inserting a map associated to an address.
  • Dr Weather – – Gives the weather for a City
  • Embedded Search Results – – Web and Image searches inline.
  • FML Blipper – – displays random FML story from
  • Grauniady – – Searches the latest items from The Guardian for a given phrase.
  • Stocky – – Detects stock symbols from a wave and updates it with the live stock price.
  • Wavethingy – – Searches Amazon for DVDs and books, and gives the author a cut of any purchases made off the links.
  • Yelpy – – Searches Yelp with a user defined location and category.


  • – Enables social product research and shopping on Wave participants can share products & reviews with contacts in real-time thanks to automatic queries by the AmazonBot against conversation keywords. The AmazonBot gadget can detect products and return inline product links or a custom full product browser.
  • Bloggy – blog-wave@appspot.comInformation Needed
  • Botbitly-bot@appspot.comShortens the url using bitly.
  • Botty – Wish – Will automatically add a set of useful bots to a wave according to a collection of bots (so they don’t have to individually be added when you use them all the time.
  • – Adds text statistics to your blips (words, lines, etc.)
  • Companion Sphere – – Collection of geek utils, first working verb is “lookup” for wikipedia/wiktionary one-line descriptions.
  • Databot – Wish – Will start as soon as the GData interface is published.
  • – Replaces text representations of emoticons with the relevant image.
  • JBREAKOUT BOT ADDED – – Debug utility that reports event triggers.
  • – Makes blips public at
  • Multi – – A quote collector. Reply a blip you want to quote with ‘quote this’ and randomly display a quote with ‘quote <>’. The bot is still being under development but you can try playing with it.
  • Natural Language Processing – – Adds blips with NLP analysis.
  • Nokar – – Has many features such as translations, image insertion, insert last tweets etc.
  • – A robot for user to post blog in Google Wave. Here is how to write a blog using Google Wave Robot for Posterous.
  • Publisher – wave-publisher@appspot.comInformation Needed
  • – Converts text emoticons, from : ) to img. Has a bookmarklet which creates a popup menu to insert emoticons for which the code is unknown.
  • – Changes the smiley symbols to smiley images.
  • Smiley – In Changes the smiley symbols to smiley images.
  • Style Chart Robot – – Inserts a chart into a wave.

Wave Management

  • Bouncy – bouncy-wave@appspot.comAllows you to remove robots from a wave. Doesn’t seem to work on real people though, and laughs if you try to ask it to kick itself out. To get it to kick a bot out, type “”
  • Linear – Wish – Enforce all replies to be to the main wave. If a user replies to a reply, remove it and place it as a reply to the main wavelet.
  • Read – Records the original wave content. Whenever it’s edited, the content is replaced with the original. Simple as that.
  • – You can list Robots, add them and find them out, easy to use. In continuous development. Website with all the information
  • – Remove empty, whitespace-only blips.
  • – Recognize #hashtags and add them as tags to the wave.
  • Tocgen – – Table of Contents auto-generated and updated based on the h1,h2,h3,h4 in a wave.
  • – Replaces all Twitter @username with links to the Twitter accounts.


(To use gadgets, once editing a blip, just click on the green puzzle piece,  and enter the url into the bottom text box)


  • Ajax Animator GadgetIn Progress – – A fully integrated multi-user web based vector graphic animation authoring environment.
  • AmazonBot Gadgett – – The AmazonBot gadget can detect products and return inline product links or a custom full product browser.
  • Bidder – – Simple Auction.
  • Checky – – Basecamp-like checklists with drag-and-drop.
  • Click me – Shows a button with a counter. Each time the button gets clicked, the counter is incremented by one. Shows off how the state interaction works.
  • HTML– – Embed any HTML into a wave.
  • <iframe> – – Embed any web page (as <iframe>) into a wave.
  • iWave – Allows you to create a profile on wave to make wave just a little more personal. Uses facebook connect to retrieve your details if you sign in.
  • LicensingIn Progress – – Creative Commons RDF Embedding – Planning Stage.
  • Maps – -Embed Google Map.
  • Napkin – – Example of Flash/Flex Wave Gadget, similar to Whiteboard gadget above – source on Google Code.
  • QuakeBot – In Progress – Server information on the Quake 3 protocol.
  • Raffly – Insert this gadget to select a random participant from your wave to be the winner. The winner of what? Well that’s up to you 🙂
  • Ratings – – Lets participants rate and review a topic (movie, restaurant, etc) in a wave and shows a tally of the result.
  • Slashdot Gadget – – Loads latest Headlines from Slashdot.
  • Troco – An experimental peer-to-peer currency – – Aims to provide a decentralized complementary community currency system, that is, a peer-to-peer currency system. Also you can see it as an IOU or promissory note based system. More info click here.
  • Vector Editor – – A cross platform collaborative real time vector graphics editor.
  • Whiteboard gadget – – Draw on a virtual whiteboard.
  • Who is Coming? – -Show a list of all people that have said whether they will come or not.


  • Backgammon – WishRemove all of one’s own checkers from the board before one’s opponent can do the same. [Wikipedia]
  • Battleship – Wish – Displays different board based on user.
  • Boxes – In Progress – Connect lines to make boxes and win.
  • Cards – – Play card games.
  • Chess – – Play chess.
  • Connect 4/Four-in-a-row – In Progresssdunster@wavesandbox.com – 2 users + observers, turn locking, just waiting to write win-detection code.
  • Floodit – 2 player race to fill a board with colors.
  • Magnetic Poetry – – Re-arrange random words to form poetry.
  • Match them colors!In Progress – Match 3 / gem matching game.
  • Othello – Wish – Play Reversi.
  • Sudoku – – Play Sudoku.
  • The Button – – A useless (I mean USELESS) game.

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