Augmented Reality Business Cards

Augmented reality business card using ar.js, three.js and qr-codes. The augmented reality business cards were created for Variousways. A user scans a qr-code on the business card with their iphone or android mobile device and then can see the augmented-reality object(s). Three.js was used to create the 3-D object and lighting enviroment along with Ar.js […]

Exploring Typography – 2nd edition

One of our websites have been included in the typography textbook – Exploring Typography – 2nd edition by Tova Rabinowitz Deer. The book showcases the latest in best practices across print and digital media, EXPLORING TYPOGRAPHY, 2e provides a well-researched, authoritative introduction to typography that explores the varied uses of type in visual communications. Exploring […]

ANIMATE Exhibition @ AIGA Philadelphia

One of my interactive artwork pieces has been selected to be included in ANIMATE, a animated art show on exhibition now at AIGA Space Gallery in Philadelphia. Coinciding with Philly Tech Week, SPACE is covered with QR codes for a new kind of gallery experience! Join us tonight for the Opening Reception at SPACE from […]

The Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book – The ultimate guide to trends, themes and styles in mobile web design

Variousways is proud to have been featured in The Mobile Web Designers Idea Book Jon Montenegro’s work can be seen at The Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book – The ultimate guide to trends, themes and styles in mobile web design: “The Mobile Web Designer’s Idea Book will look at trends, styles, themes and patterns in […]

Designing for Google Glass

We have been experimenting designing web applications and html5 websites with Google Glass. Specifications at Google Development Website recommend following standard card design and templates. Designing responsive websites for Google Glass are at a different resolution.

AIGA Philadelphia Design Awards

Jon Montenegro from variousways wins a AIGA Philadelphia Design Award for interactive design work. “Our renowned panel of judges have spoken. The vast array of submissions has been narrowed down to the top 100, representing the best talent Philadelphia has to offer.”